Cattolica’s beach

Soft sand, many services and comforts ... The ideal for your beach holiday

Maybe not everyone knows that...

Cattolica's water quality is guaranteed by the prestigious Blue Flag 2020 award that rewards the quality of bathing water.

That is why, here in Cattolica you will find a safe beach with clean water, ideal for your wellbeing and that of your children. 

Just a two-minute walk from the Elite hotel, Beach 96 establishment awaits you, selected by us among the bathing establishments of Cattolica, where you will find a golden beach and lots of fun! 

The amazing lifeguards, Augusto and Stefano, and their close-knit animation staff will make your beach life a fantastic experience to tell!

Below are the services of the historic Beach 96:

  • Recreational swimming pool equipped with water games, whirlpool, waterslide and fountains
  • Whirlpool
  • Wi-fi    
  • Kids' club      
  • Playground
  • Group and child dances
  • water aerobics    
  • Entertainment
  • Game storage    
  • Hot shower          
  • Giant Draughts game
  • Changing rooms      
  • Disabled Wheelchair
  • Pedal boat

Choose 3-star Elite Hotel in Cattolica for your All-Inclusive Holiday and make your days special at the beach at Beach 96.