Holiday safety

Use of face masks and social distancing are MANDATORY In the communal areas of the Hotel. The use of the elevator is permitted to one person only or family unit at a time.

    You will find hygiene points for sanitising your hands in all the communal areas of the hotel such as the lobby, swimming pool area and restaurant. We kindly ask you to make use of them.

    In order to prevent queues and the formation of crowds at reception upon arrival, you can Check-in online before your arrival or e-mail us your identity documents. Alternatively, you can send them to us via WhatsApp on 3355291209

    Upon your arrival we will give you the key to your sanitised room and you will keep it with you for the duration of your stay. 
    At each check-out, rooms will be sanitised according to the current legislation.
    During your stay you can decide whether to have your room cleaned daily or to have a change of towels and linen to be left outside the door so that no one enters the room.

    You are required to wear a mask to enter the dining room, you are only allowed to remove it when seated at your table. Tables at the restaurant will be spaced at least one meter apart and you can only sit at a table which has been sanitized and set.  Our floor manager will accompany you to your table. Drinks will be brought to the table. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served from a large, assisted buffet where dishes are protected by plexiglass: according to your requests a member of staff will serve you a choice of first courses, second courses, appetizers, side dishes, desserts, fruit.

    Our swimming pool can accommodate a maximum of 25 people at any one time; therefore, entries will be capped. At the entrance of the pool, you will find a hygiene point. All the sunbeds and the surface of the pool are regularly sanitised with certified products. If you personally wish to sanitise the sunbed before use, you can find the sanitising product and paper at the hygiene point.  Deckchairs will already be spaced. It is mandatory to wear a swimming cap in the swimming pool.

    You can use bicycles; staff will take care of giving you sanitized bicycles or if you prefer to do so yourself you will find a sanitising product to sanitise  saddles and handlebars

    Our staff has attended a course and received training to minimize any possibility of contagion. All staff in the hotel will be wearing a face mask.

    IThe kid’s club will be accessible up to a maximum of 20 children at any one time. Written consent from parents is required.

    You are required to wear a face mask to reach your beach umbrella. You can remove it once you have reached your sun loungers and relax. You are required to wear a face mask when walking around the bathing establishment and adhere to social distancing rules. Beach umbrellas will be spaced apart; entry to the swimming pool and play areas will also limited to a maximum number of people. Use of a swimming cap in the swimming pool. 

*(Obligations laid down in the protocol may change at any time).